Version History

Version 1.6 : 28 Aug, 2023

  • Design Enhancements: Introducing the new version of GTM Assistant App with sleek design enhancements and seamless integration with GA4/MetaPixel and Google Ads.
  • Fixed Events Push Issues: In the new version of the GTM Assistant App, we've successfully resolved all fixed events push issues, ensuring smoother event tracking and data accuracy.
  • New Feature Google Ads Integration: Seamlessly manage and optimize your marketing campaigns with the new version of the GTM Assistant App, now featuring enhanced Google Ads integration.

Version 1.5: 26 July, 2023

  • Design Enhancements: Enjoy a more visual interface with imporved and easy to setup design enhancements. And enjoy flawless app experience.
  • Fixed Events Push Issues:  Fixed Events publishing  issue and reduced the load time on push events in GTM & GA4.
  • Reduced Events & Purchase Event for Free:  On first installation get Purchase Event access fully free. To use more 6 Events (ViewList, ProductView, ViewCart, SelectItem, BeginCheckout, AddToCart) you will have to upgrade the app plan in $19.99

Version 1.4: 07 July, 2023

  • Easy Setup: Made the setup easy with one click even if having multiple GTM containers & GA4 Properties.
  • Design Enhancements: Enjoy a more visual interface with appropriate design enhancements. This design flow will provide a flawless app experience.
  • Fixed Events Push Issues: Fixed Events push issue and reduced the load time on push events in GTM & GA4.
  • Auto Mapping: Reduced Clicks, if you have only one GTM Container and one GA4 Property, sit back and let the app automatically connect your app with GTM and GA4. If have multiple accounts then just select the account where you want to push the tags with the correct GA4 account.
  • Reduced Events: For now only 4 tags (ViewItem, ViewList, Purchase, ViewCart) will auto publish. Rest tags you can push while clicking on 'Change Tag' button.

Version 1.3: 21 June, 2023

  • Further Design Improvements: Enjoy a more polished and visually appealing interface with additional design enhancements. The improved design flow provides a seamless and intuitive app experience.
  • Single Page Application: With the introduction of a single-page application, navigation and usage of the app become more streamlined and efficient, minimizing confusion and enhancing usability.
  • App Setup Made Easy: The setup process was further refined, making it even easier to configure the app for your specific needs.
  • Fixed Data Push Issues: Addressed any previous data push issues to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of user interactions.
  • Enhanced Error Handling: Continued improvements in error handling to provide a smoother experience and better troubleshooting options.
  • Reduced Loading Time for GTM & GA4 Connections: Reduced the time required to establish connections with GTM and GA4, allowing for quicker setup and data integration.
  • Further Speed Improvements: Building upon previous optimizations, this version introduced additional speed improvements, ensuring optimal performance and minimal impact on your store's loading times.

Version 1.2: 26 May, 2023

  • Enhanced Design: Experience an improved visual interface with design enhancements, providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Speed Improvements: This version introduced optimizations that significantly improved the speed and performance of the app, ensuring seamless operation without any impact on your store's performance.
  • Google Login OAuth: Streamline the authentication process by enabling Google login OAuth, simplifying the login experience for users.
  • Auto Connect GTM and GA4 Accounts: This version introduced automatic connection capabilities, eliminating the need for manual input of GTM and GA4 account details.
  • 8 Events with Automatic Tag Pushing: Benefit from predefined events with automatic tag pushing, allowing you to track key interactions without manual intervention.
  • Auto Enable Extension: The app automatically enabled the necessary extension, reducing the setup steps and making the installation process more straightforward.
  • Error Handling: Improved error handling ensured smoother app operation, minimizing disruptions and providing better troubleshooting capabilities.

Version 1.1: 29 April, 2023

  • Simplified GTM and Google Analytics setup process: With this version, you had the option to manually connect your GTM account by adding the GTM ID and the GA4 Measurement ID.
  • Container Download: You could easily download the container and import it into GTM for seamless integration.
  • Theme Extension Activation: Activate the theme extension effortlessly to ensure smooth compatibility with your chosen Shopify theme.